TOEFL Coaching Centre in Pune


TOEFL Coaching Centre in Pune

Indian education is ever evolving. While the education level in India has shifted from theory-based to more practical based education, it is yet to come a long way in terms to provide quality education to the students. Students hence, seek to move to foreign countries for better education opportunities. With admission to foreign universities, there are many ways to get open for them in terms of courses to pursue, develop skillset, and land their dream job. Studying abroad has many advantages, such as:

  • Different culture experience and learning subject in diversity.
  • Exposure to better opportunities and life experiences.
  • Diverse Personal connections.
  • Fluency in speaking, writing and reading foreign languages
  • Gaining an alternative academic experience
  • Interaction with different cultures provides opportunities for leadership development.
  • Overall personality development and personal growth

However, it is tough to select the best university, apply for admission, and get par with the qualifying exam. Indian students who wish to pursue high education in an international university are required to qualify the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as a pre-requisite to apply for a foreign university. The English speaking universities, academics,and professionals use it as a criterion to measure English speaking and writing ability of a non-native English speaker. Celect foreign education academy is one of the best TOEFL coaching centers in Pune that prepares the students to qualify the TOEFL test and provide high-quality English classes lead by professionals.

Celect Foreign Education Academy – Best TOEFL coaching center in Pune

TOEFL is a four-hour test which includes four sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. The candidate is judged and measured on all the four criteria and the individual score is assigned. The higher the score, the better the chances are for the candidate to get into a good university. The admission committee takes into consideration the score of the candidate while shortlisting the profile for the admission. Though the test is not difficult to crack, it certainly requires a lot of Practice. Celect foreign education academy being one of the top TOEFL coaching centers in Pune provides guidance from the experts in the field. They make sure to guide and help students in application to qualify the exam. With small batches per classroom education, they provide individual attention to the students and make sure to focus on the overall grooming of the students. The training is provided in the comprehensive model and is a mix of general and academic result module.

Why Celect Foreign Academy

While the other institutes focus upon just competing for the course, what makes celect foreign academy the best TOEFL coaching center in Pune is the highly qualified professionals, working towards individual academic score and overall grooming. They not only provide education but also make sure your application process is done right. They provide one to one student counseling and document assessment and evaluation.

With Celect foreign Academy, a student definitely soar high!