SAT Coaching Classes in Pune

SAT Coaching Classes in Pune

SAT Coaching Classes in Pune

Stay ahead of the completion with Celect SAT Coaching classes in Pune!

With the ever-increasing competition and pressure to have a quality lifestyle, each individual wants to have a quality education followed by a high paying job. And to strive this, students as soon are done with the high school, wants to move to the foreign country for graduation or higher education. SAT is a standardized test used by the United States for admission in the college. Known as the scholastic aptitude test, SAT is typically taken by high school students to pursue an education in the United States. The test is administered under a set time limit, which is kept tight, to help produce a range of scores. The GPA scored in SAT indicates the universities and colleges the student is able to apply for. Each university has its individual cut off criteria for SAT. A student needs to apply to the universities with their SAT score plus the high school score.

What makes Celect the premium SAT coaching classes in Pune

Celect foreign education academy is one of the premium SAT coaching classes in Pune and are known to provide proper orientation and dedicated professional approach towards making the student prepared for the exam. From aspirations to the personality development of the student, they take care of all, while providing professional guidance and consultancy over the VISA application and exam apply.

Top SAT Coaching Classes in Pune

Features of Celect Foreign Education Academy

Being one of the top SAT coaching classes in Pune, celect coaching is known for providing professional education in the most-friendly environment while making sure the student score the best.

  • Career Counselling : The career counseling is provided on scheduled times or as and when needed. The career counseling in the batch and done individually, helpthe student be more expressive about their concerns and discuss shortcomings. This can further be worked out and make student achieve better opportunities overseas. They also discuss the long terms goals of the student’s so as to help them better in achieving.
  • Personality Development Program : Moving to a foreign university for education is more than the scores! At celect foreign education academy, they make sure to groom the student with soft skills and provide an overall learning experience. They also work on individual’s public speaking abilities,body language, creativity, etc.
  • Mock Tests : The mock tests help students stay pre-prepared for the exam. With the same time frame as of SAT and questions of same difficulty level, Celect foreign education academy conducts SAT mock tests on a regular basis, and make sure to identify and improve the areas the student lack in.

The Celect being the best SAT coaching classes in Pune focus on imparting quality and professional education and providing a balanced revision on every topic while also working on the overall personality development of the individual.