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About Us

CELECT is a foreign education academy founded by visionaries who believe that every dream is worth achieving. However, to achieve your dream you need to imagine what you want, believe in yourself and strive with all your might. We, at CELECT, wish to give wings to all these dreams by sharing our expertise along with our diligent and honest efforts.

Knowledge is the premise of progress in every society. With globalization making the world a unified corporate culture, students need no longer to be satisfied at what is available but take a step ahead and achieve the best possible education to become the best in their fields. With thousands of options available worldwide, this university selection and application process can become cumbersome. CELECT academy has been a helping hand and a guiding light throughout this process for more than 3000 students since 2009. Right from selecting majors for study, to training, selecting universities and helping with visa application, CELECT academy does it all. The satisfied testimonials of our students are our true rewards and we keep working hard to strengthen this trust and touch as many lives a s possible. So if you have already chosen your path or you have chosen your destiny but don’t know the path, we are here to hold your hand and lead you to success!!!