We have explained everything you need to know about SAT Exam, before appearing for the examination; we will guide you through the complete format of the examination.

What is SAT Exam

About SAT Exam is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test that was earlier known as Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is now known as Scholastic Assessment Test and is administered by College Board that is an American Non-profit Organization. The test is scored on a maximum of 1600. About SAT exam analyses the Mathematical, Critical Reading, and Writing skills of the candidates. Applicants who aspire to pursue undergraduate courses, particularly in the US and Canada, are required to take the SAT Exam.

What is the scoring scale for the SAT Exam?

Scoring Scales of SAT Exam is divided into three sections: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

  • A scale of 200-800 is used for scoring the Mathematics section
  • The scale of 200-800 is used for the Scoring Critical Reading section
  • Separate Scores for Essay is on a scale of 2-8
  • 400-1600 is the range of Entire SAT® Exam score
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What is the registration fee for the SAT 2020?

For Indian students appearing for SAT® the registration fee is $113 and $49 is added to the total fee. Additional charges may apply for late registrations.

How many times can I appear for the SAT Exam?

The candidates can appear for the SAT exam as many times as they want. Although It is highly advisable not to appear for SAT® too many times as it may affect the applicant’s candidature.

How many times SAT exam is held in a year?

The SAT is conducted six times a year, in the months of January, May, June, October, November, and December.

What is validity for SAT Score?

The SAT scores are valid over a period of 5 years, until or unless there has been a change in the criteria for SAT.