Prepare for a Successful GRE Experience: A blog about mastering the GRE.

Prepare for a Successful GRE Experience: A blog about mastering the GRE.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardised test used to measure one’s ability to graduate from a college or university. Over 6000 schools and programs use the GRE in their admission processes making it an internationally recognised aid to those looking to embark on a new career path.

What is GRE?

The GRE covers a wide range of topics that require you to be able to analyze information and solve problems in order to complete tasks or answer questions. You can expect content from math, science, humanities, social sciences, language arts, economics, business administration, and more. The test is scored by determining what percentage of questions you answered correctly on each section. Each section is graded separately from one another so that if you miss any questions at least once during the test scoring process then your overall score will suffer as well (i.e., no penalty for incorrect answers).

What’s on the GRE?

The GRE is a computer-adaptive test that tests the skills you’ll need for graduate school and the career you’ve chosen. The test has three sections: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Analytical Writing. Each section tests specific skills in multiple-choice format.

How Long Does the GRE Take?

It takes about two hours to complete the entire test. You can take up to six hours to complete your exam if you want more time to answer questions or if you have special needs such as dyslexia or auditory processing disorder. The GRE can be taken online at any time of day or night, so there’s no reason not to give yourself enough time to finish!

How do I register?

You can register online through Pearson VUE, which provides access to all four sections of the exam at one location. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this option, be sure to get in touch with them before registering by calling 866-214-5806 or visiting their website.

How is the GRE scored?

The scores from each section are then combined into a single score for each question type: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability and Analytical Writing

How important is your GRE score?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is used by thousands of graduate and business schools to make admission and fellowship decisions. The exam tests your skills in three areas: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Test takers are scored between 200-800 on each section of the test.

Do GRE test scores expire?

No, your GRE scores do not expire. The scores will be valid for five years from the date of your test administration.

How does the computer-adaptive GRE work?

The GRE is a computer-adaptive test (CAT). This means that different questions are asked depending on how well you answer previous questions—the more questions you answer correctly, the harder the next question will be (and vice versa). You can see a sample CAT below:

What are GRE Subject Tests?

GRE Subject Tests are offered in 29 subject areas including biology, chemistry, engineering, English literature, history, mathematics (all levels), physics (all levels), psychology, sociology and world languages. These tests measure your mastery of specific subjects within those fields and they are required by many graduate programs if they require knowledge beyond what’s covered in an undergraduate degree coursework

How can I prepare for the GRE?

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a standardized test that is required for admission to most graduate schools in the United States, as well as some business schools. The GRE offers a computer-based testing option, which means that you can take it at any time and from any location with Internet access.

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