How to get funding and Scholarships from US universities?

How to get funding and Scholarships from US universities

How to get funding and Scholarships from US universities?

Studying abroad can be a tough and also expensive. Majority of the students apply for scholarship and funding from US universities. Universities provide scholarships or there are other funding sources that do the same. Here are a few tips on how to get funding and scholarships from US universities.

Seek out the way:  Apply to universities and all the other funding sources that you can. The more sources you apply to the better because there are many students applying and there are only a few scholarships given out.

Below is the list scholarships offered in US


There are many more scholarships offered to the students. The scholarships can differ as per their criteria, or their funding. Read through the program and see what scholarships you can apply for. Then see if the scholarship is for a particular semester or full term. You can also try for other funding sites or sources that fund you for your education.

There are grants available, there are grants available from your college and universities.

Try out different funding methods:     

You can start a fundraising campaign online for funding, then share it on social media. There are some part time jobs available that you can do when you are studying. There are student loans available.

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